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Healing by Annie

Annie is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. She holds many forms of healing as before her Reiki attunements, she was doing energy work naturally from a very young age.

She works by gently approaching emotional blockages, clearing them and helping energy flow where it needs to. Her Reiki sends light to areas that seem dim within the energetic body. Her approach is gentle and she uses her gift of intuition and natural healing to help others on their own paths. She focuses on complex and chronic health conditions, mental health concerns, addiction and hormones. Balance in the body is her main focus in any treatment, focusing on less being more as the body naturally will adjust with her gentle guidance.

To learn more, or ask any further questions, please reach out with a free 1/2 hour consultation or send an email.

For folks in the Portland area, please send an email if you want to work together in person. Most appointments are done remote, but I can see local clients in my home once we have established working together.

For my clients with financial issues, please send me an email with what you can afford to as I hold space for everyone who needs healing. 


  • $40 1/2 hour mini absentia Intuitive healing, clearing and grounding treatment (best for in-between full sessions or during times of crisis/triggering). Only available to current clients or after first full session.
  • $85 1 hour full absentia Intuitive healing, clearing and grounding treatment

To Book:



(610) 248-5979

I am here to work with everyone, so please reach out with any questions