Meditation to Wind Down and Rest | Before Sleep Guided Meditation

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Meditation to Wind Down and Rest | Before Sleep Guided Meditation

Winding down at the end of your day can be troublesome for some. We often allow our mind to race, when we should be doing the best that we can to allow it to slow. This slowing of our thoughts gives our emotional and physical bodies the true rest they need. Quite often, allowing this pause of thought flow before sleep will allow us to waken the next morning feeling refreshed and clear minded. Sometimes taking a break from all the thoughts, gives us the clarity we need. Take this time for you. Rest.

A Guided Meditation to Receive and Reclaim Your Personal Power | June MTL Collective Meditation

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Free Guided Meditation to Receive and Reclaim your Personal Power

The word power makes us think of intensity, but it doesn’t have to be intense at all. All it takes to reclaim your power is a subtle thought, a gentle desire, and a vision of how it will feel to have a strong personal power.

Many of us have experienced the harder times in life. The traumas, the faulty relationships and the downfalls where we may have lost a tiny bit of who we are. This is a great way to reclaim that. To return to source. Your original blueprint. Before all else happened to you. A reminder that you are powerful, (you always were!) and with a subtle approach, you can receive, reclaim and renew your personal power.

A Meditation to Celebrate : May MTL Membership Meditation

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A Meditation to Celebrate : May MTL Membership Meditation

We all deserve to feel joy. Even in the darkest moments of life, we can find one small thing to celebrate. This one small thing is like a catalyst for more and more thoughts that make you feel good, happy and allow you to celebrate. This meditation will help you to direct your thoughts at the things in your own life worth celebrating. The things that make you feel good. This feel good feeling is from the release of endorphins which are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. This is similar to a pain reliever, but available within our own bodies. The mind body connection is an incredible thing.

Guided Meditation for Hormone Balance

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guided meditation for hormone balance 

Hormonal imbalance can effect anyone. In some cases folks don’t even bleed during their periods, but will experience the same symptoms as people who do like mood swings, bloating, appetite changes and cramping. This meditation is for anyone experiancing these changes. Those of us on hormonal replacement therapy, going through a pregnancy, post-pregnancy or anyone who experiences PMDD. It focuses in the pelvic area and then the brain, allowing us to clear any stagnant energy in these areas and leaves us surrounded by a sense of calm. This calm is the first step is treating any hormonal imbalance, as stress is a major hormone disruptor.

Healing Crystal Bowl Session with Natalie Corr

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Free Crystal Bowl Healing Session

Scientists have discovered that our Universe is created through different patterns of frequency. Anything that exists physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually vibrates, just like electrons do inside atoms.
Research has shown that sound therapy can go beyond simply altering our mood. It can treat insomnia, stress, attention deficit disorder, various immune system issues, emotional disorders when done in the correct tone.
Sit back and relax to this ten minute crystal bowl session guided by Natalie Corr.

Guided Meditation for Positive Change

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Free Guided Meditation for Positive Change 

This meditation will help you to look back to see the changes you have made, and then forward to how these changes have impacted your life.
In doing so, you can find more comfort in the changes that are happening all around you.
Things never go like we think they will, so letting go of control can truly allow for amazing things to happen in our lives.
Trusting in the universe.