Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions

Healing the body can be approached from many angles. It is a combination of connecting the mind, body, and listening to the language of your body as each of us is authentic and unique. Therefore each session with me will be different, depending on where you and your body are at, in the day and time we meet. Together we can tune into where you are at the moment and guide the session according to what you, your body, and your energy field need. 

Within each session I use a combination of Reiki, Alchemy, and Energy Work to work within your energy field. I apply my knowledge in Nutrition, Trauma, Addiction and many other healing techniques to help guide you on your own journey with your health. My focus is strongly tied to nature, the seasons, and the elements. I work differently than traditional Reiki and Energy work where I use a familiar approach and let the seasons, nature, the elements, and your guides lead me. I am just a small part of the healing I offer.

Each healing session lasts an hour. For those moments between session when you feel you need any extra guidance, I offer an affordable mini healing session.

What To Expect During An Energy Work Session & While Working With Me :

Working within your own energy field using Reiki, Alchemy and Energy healing to help the body naturally process and heal. 

*Please note, this will be done gently so as to not cause a physical or emotional healing crisis. I use a gentle approach and can personally feel when your body is ready or not.

Guidance to find the right and affordable healing team for you.

Focus on proper nutrition to create an optimal healing experience.

Follow-up email after each session, reminding you of what we worked on and anything else to work on until the next session.

I hold space for everyone, so please reach out if you seek guidance on your own healing journey and find you have financial setbacks or any other questions at healwithyou@gmail.com.