Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions

Healing the body can be approached from many angles. Although the most subtle, focusing  on the energy body is one of the most potent. 

A balanced energy flow promotes inner peace along with balanced physical health. Within this balance and peace, our bodies can align to their original blueprint giving them the ability to heal. To understand this on a more basic level, one need only consider the intricacies and simplicity of the well studied mind-body connection.

When considering the energy field, it is helpful to remember that all things, both matter and psychological processes, are comprised of energy. Everything, from the light that touches your skin, down to the blades of grass under  your feet carry  a vibration and hold an energy.  All of this considered, it’s then not hard to understand how maintaining the health of the energy body could have a profound effect on healing. Especially if we consider the energetics of illness and disease. 

By working with me, you’ll learn to do this work yourself. The major focus of my work and the greatest gift I can offer you is personal empowerment. Specifically, empowering you with confidence and knowledge to actualize your own abilities as a self-healer. What we work on in sessions will and should become second nature. My goal with each client is to help them find their own authentic healing journey, only using me as a guide along the way through their own process. 

Each session with me will help you understand, access, and heal your own energy body. We will focus on calming the nervous system, and with my knowledge and expertise in nutrition, Reiki, trauma and addiction, work on understanding and addressing your specific needs. I focus my healing on knowledge from the ancients, re-learning and teaching the ways of our ancestors, teachers and all those who healed from the earth.

I am always adding new techniques to my work, and am honored to share each with you.

Moreover, know that within every session is a safe and sacred container. You may come exactly as you are.

What To Expect During An Energy Work Session & While Working With Me :

Guided relaxation techniques.

Working within your own energy field to help the body naturally process and heal. *Please note, this will be done gently so as to not cause a physical or emotional healing crisis. I use a gentle approach and can personally feel when your body is ready or not.

Finding self healing techniques you can utilize on your own.

Making each session to fit the clients specific needs.

Guidance to find the right and affordable healing team for you.

Focus on proper nutrition to create an optimal healing experience.

Follow-Up email after each session, reminding you of what we worked on and anything else to work on until the next session.

I hold space for everyone, so please reach out if you seek guidance on your own healing journey and find you have financial setbacks or any other questions at healwithyou@gmail.com.