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Healing the body can be approached from many angles. One of the greatest benefits to your healing is by maintaining health within the energy body. By working with me, I can help you learn to do this yourself. My goal with all clients is for them to become self-healers and for what we work on in sessions to become second nature.

Each session with me will help you get to know, access, and heal your own energy body. I like to focus on calming the nervous system and finding ways you can incorporate into your life to calm your nervous system yourself. The goal is that our time working together is however long you need, but helping you to learn how to calm and heal yourself without my guidance.

Using my knowledge in nutrition, Reiki, trauma, addiction, and many forms of healing, each client session is different and catered to your specific needs. I like to focus my healing on knowledge from the ancients. Re-learning the ways of our ancestors, our teachers, those who healed from the earth.

I am always adding new techniques to my work and hold a safe space for you during sessions.

What To Expect During An Energy Work Session And While Working With Me :

Guided relaxation techniques within each session

Working within your own energy field to help the body naturally process and heal. Please note, this will be done gently as to not cause a physical or emotional healing crisis. I use a gentle approach and can personally feel when your body is ready or not.

Finding self healing techniques you can utilize on your own

Making each session fit the clients specific needs. This may be nutrition, trauma, health situations or anything that is leaving you feel out of balance.

I work with everyone, so please reach out if you seek guidance on your own healing journey.