Annie Rosenberg


Certified Reiki Master, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, and Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

Being drawn to helping others since childhood, Annie has always been a natural empath and healer. This calling eventually led her to work within the wellness field and creating Heal with You.

Heal with You emerged during her own journey through a long-term illness. At the peak of this journey, Annie had a difficult time finding the mental health services she needed within her disabled state at the time. Once her health began to improve, she wanted to find a way to offer meditation and healing that could be done at home for an affordable rate, accessible to all. This began with her free meditations on YouTube, and within time, her training as a healer grew beyond her meditations. With this growth, she began seeing clients remotely, helping to guide them on their own, authentic healing path.

Annie is continuously learning new ways to incorporate healing into her healing sessions and meditations. She received her Reiki Levels I, II, and Masters in 2018. She has certifications in Clinical Trauma and Addiction Counseling and Nutrition and Wellness Consulting. Along with these forms of healing, she is also trained in suicide meditation and prevention. Her knowledge goes beyond these titles as she is highly involved in the esoteric community where her artwork is a way to express her talents at Black Haus Art where she is currently writing a book connecting her healing with her art.

Annies approach to helping others heal themselves is amplified by her ability to have personally experienced most of the subjects she focuses on. The healing she has gone through has and taken her on many different paths. Having experienced trauma, addiction, and abuse, she noticed how each of these was stored in her body on an emotional and physical level. By combining different forms of holistic and energetic healing therapies she saw remarkable progress with her own healing. She likes to bring that knowledge into each session with her clients and add it to each meditation.

You can book a session with Annie, or learn more about how her sessions work here or reach out to her at with any questions.