Meditation for Resilience When Life Gets Tough | November MTL Collective Meditation

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Free Guided Meditation For Resilience When Life Gets Tough

There are times in life where we may want to give up. These times are heightened during and illness, or anything that causes life to be more complex. During moments like this, it is important that we honor the frustration FIRST, before we regain strength and resilience. If we can accept the emotions that arise during these times, we can become resilient within our mind and our body. It can become tricky when we skip this step, and simply push through. Although this is a magnificent way to get through harder times, there are moments when it is also perfectly fine to honor your frustration. This meditation will give you a safe, calm space to do just that. Working with your inner self, allowing you to accept where you currently are and to move on feeling more empowered and more ready to take on whatever life hands you with a relaxed, focused, resilient mindset.


Guided Meditation for Episodes of Depersonalization and Derealization

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Free Guided Meditation for Espisodes of Depersonalization and Derealization

Temporary feelings of Depersonalization and/or Derealization are something more common than we think. Statistics show that about one in half of people feel detached from themselves and experience Depersonalization experiencing detachment from their sense of self or detachment from their surroundings, experiencing Derealization,… or both.

Experiencing shifts like this to our sense of self can be tremendously stressful.
Like all things, stress can heighten any emotional or physical sensations that we experience throughout our bodies.
It is important in stressful times that we find a way to remain calm among the chaos, remember to practice gentle loving kindness with ourselves and reach out to others around us to help explain our situation when necessary and safe.

This meditation will help you to bring awareness back to your body, helping you to connect it to your sense of self and harmoniously breathe into your body as your own.
With practice, and focusing on this meditation on your own, or by replaying this video daily, you can organically help to redirect your thoughts when stressful times arise in the future.
Letting your body react calmly.
And remembering this takes time, as all things do.
It is important to honor your body throughout the healing process.
Also, remember to reach out, if you are having a hard time, there are resources available to help you.

NAMI Hotline
M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM ET
Find Help in a crisis or Text “NAMI” to 741741

Meditation to Cultivate Your Energy Body For Growth | October MTL Collective Meditation

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Free guided meditation to Cultivate Your Energy Body for Growth

Before growth of any kind, we must cultivate. Like cultivating the land in preparation for a new crop, it is important to energetically cultivate ourselves for spiritual growth. By preparing we allowing ourselves the ability for better, for more, and the possibility of living our lives to our ultimate potential.
Growth, although uncomfortable at times, is necessary. This meditation will remind you of your power, your capability and help you prepare yourself for what beautiful things lay ahead. Cultivating your energy body for growth.

I would like to note that there are only two more meditations I will be doing for the MTL Collective. At the end of the year I will be moving on to focus on my practice, but I would love to continue working with More Than Lyme with whatever projects flow from her creative mind.
I was also recently honored to be approved for a mentorship program with the ever so talented Siobhan E. Barrett RMT here in West Seattle. With this program I am also working towards opening my own practice by 2020 and hope to have a place I can settle to do so.
I will also be continuing with the free meditations, but focusing more on the mental health aspect. I have received numerous emails with suggestions and I promise I will get to work on those as I can.
So much up in the air, so much uncertainty, and so ready for all of these changes.
Hope you all are enjoying this Fall weather here in the northern hemisphere and the Spring in the south.


Meditation for Body Love (Loving Your Body Exactly As It Is) | September MTL Collective Meditation

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Meditation for Body Love (Loving Your Body Exactly As It Is)

September’s theme for the More Than Lyme Collective is Learn. This meditation is a great way to learn about yourself, and your body.
We can love our bodies during times of illness, when we are dissatisfied with our appearance or after any major life event where we feel discontent with ourselves physically or emotionally.
This meditation is a great way to show yourself gratitude and honor the body you are in, exactly as it is, by using the breathe, mind and your own gentle touch.
It helps you honor your feelings about your body by using gentle affirmations instead of allowing guilt or shame to flow in.
And if they do, reminding yourself that is Ok too!
We are all capable of having healthy relationships with our bodies exactly as they are as we are all imperfectly perfect.

Guided Meditation to Express Your True (Badass) Self | August MTL Collective Meditation

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Free Guided Meditation to Express Your True (Badass) Self 

The month of August More Than Lyme Collective Meditation theme is Express which is a great word for finding your voice.

Life can be turbulent at times. With issues like divorce, chronic illness, job loss, and other major stressors, it can be tricky to be navigate. Throwing us off course. After these situations pass, we may feel displaced. Like our voice has been lost. Like we forgot who are true self is. Going through trauma, abuse, neglect or any strong human experience, it can also feel difficult to allow yourself positive thoughts, but you are allowed. But you are more than deserving of them, and you can dream as big as you want. Let your imagination be the guide to the life you want to live, the life you can live, the life you will live one day. And if youre already living it, being grateful for all you have.

This guided meditation will help reunite you with your true (bad ass) inner self, finding your confidence and remind you of the powerful, strong human you are. Helping you express your true, strong, confident self.

Guided Meditation for Bipolar and Manic Episodes

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Free Guided Meditation for Bipolar and Manic Episodes

This meditation uses gentle visualization to take you back to your body during times of a manic or bipolar episode.
It organically connects you with mother earth and universal energy using guided imagery of the earth, the sun and the energy of a mountain lake.
When our mind and our body are not synchronized, it is helpful to try to bring them back together. This meditation will help you to calm your busy mind, and in doing so, your physical body will follow.
Great to do any time, but especially during times of stress or when you feel a manic episode approaching.
Also, remember to reach out, if you are having a hard time, there are resources available to help you.

NAMI Hotline
M-F, 10 AM – 6 PM ET
Find Help in a crisis or Text “NAMI” to 741741


Meditation for Adventure/Venturing with the Mind | July MTL Collective Meditation

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Meditation for Adventure/Venturing with the Mind : July MTL Collective Meditation

After going through any period of struggle, be it your physical health or your mental health, it is a challenge to know your limits. It can also be challenging to remember what you are capable of, and what you can do in your future. It is important to visualize great things for yourself. That’s how we grow. It is also crucial to listen to your body when it says “enough!” Balance dear friends. This meditation gently allows the mind to slow, like setting a record on a different speed, so it can catch up to your physical body. It helps you vision an adventure for yourself, helps you know your limits and accept them (because we ALL have physical limits) and brings you back to the current moments with peace of mind, high hopes and relaxation.