Guided Meditation for Feelings of Hopelessness

Guided Meditation for Feelings of Hopelessness

Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, shame, fear, and grief are all part of the human experience. These emotions are uprooted in us for a reason. They also hold a great deal of stigma and can be surrounded by feelings of more guilt, fear, and shame when we tune into them. It is when we can gently try to see these emotions, process them, and then move on to higher frequency thoughts that we can allow the physical and energetic bodies to transmute these feelings into something higher. This meditation focuses on guided breathwork, visualization, and classic relaxation techniques to help you fully process these physical and emotional feelings.

All feelings hold a different vibration. When we can honor the times that we vibrate at a lower frequency, we can return to a higher vibration at an organic pace. Similar to turning the radio up gently, not blasting a song, and turning it all way up too fast to a frequency that hurts our ears. When our body has processed these physical and emotional feelings slowly, it leaves us feeling validated, seen, heard, and cared for by ourselves. This is important because you are the most important person in your healing process.

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