Guided Meditation for Releasing Emotional Addiction

Guided Meditation for Releasing Emotional Addiction

We can become emotionally addicted to any emotion, but the most commonly experienced is low frequency or negative energy. When we feel this draw towards low frequency thought patterns, our physical body responds and we actually release chemicals within our bodies that we can become addicted to. When we can rewire and reroute our response to certain thoughts and emotions to a more positive and higher frequency, we can allow ourselves to be in a better state of rest and digest, or better known as a parasympathetic state. The body is designed to be in this parasympathetic state 80% of the time. It is here that we allow our nervous system to become balanced.

This meditation will help you to tune into your body, become self-aware, and therefore observe your thoughts so you can help shift your emotional release to one that better aligns with your body. When we can shift how we react when the more stressful events arise, we can process them as they happen. Allowing for a greater balance and relationship between the sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest). Remembering in the process that all emotions are important. Our goal is to find the balance between these emotions through self observance while remaining gentle with ourselves in the process.

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