Guided Meditation for Fertility

Guided Meditation for Fertility

Both men and women can live with fertility issues and managing stress is a huge part of being fertile. The stress we experience on a daily basis can come from many sources. These can be internally from environmental stressors, certain health conditions, and imbalances, and externally from work, people, or past traumatic experiences.

When we allow our bodies to be in a stress-free state, we allow our bodies to work their best, but living in a stress-free world isn’t always possible. Therefore it is important to monitor these stressors and find ways to diminish them.

This meditation can help you find relaxation and with time, your hormones can adjust to where they need to be, leaving you in balance and in this balance, more fertile. Meditation helps fertility in many ways, like reducing cortisol levels, reducing insulin resistance, and improving sex hormone balance. All through allowing your mind and body to rest. This meditation also helps to seed your thoughts with a guided fertility visualization and can be used by both men and women.

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