Guided Epigenetic Meditation for Ancestral Healing

Guided Epigenetic Meditation for Ancestral Healing

The epigenome is made up of chemical compounds and proteins that can attach to DNA and direct actions by turning genes on or off. Epigenetics looks into how changes occur as a result of gene expression, rather than through mutations or alterations to our DNA. This can mean it affects and influences the elements that make us who we are, such as our bodily functions, causes of disease, and physical expressions like our hair color.

Until recently, it was believed that genetic variations could only occur through changes or mutations in the genetic code, but Epigenetics is changing that assumption. Research is demonstrating that our experiences, particularly those that are traumatic, violent, or distressing, may have a deep influence that affects us at the biological level, impacting the health and development of not only ourselves but our descendants as well. For example, if your father or mother experienced a violent upbringing, war, or anything else traumatic, these can carry into your own life. This meditation will organically flow throughout your physical body with a guided visualization.

This guided visualization will help you to clear energetic blockages, trauma, or any ancestral traits carried into this life that affect you on a daily basis. These can be experienced through symptoms, mannerisms, illness, and even dis-ease. In time we can shift these experiences by visualizing our energetic and physical bodies in a healthy state. The simple act of allowing ease, comfort, and balance into our existence will allow more health to flow. When we heal these ancestral wounds, we are not only healing ourselves, we are healing our lineage, our family, future generations, and those of the past.

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