Guided Vagal Healing Meditation for Gut Health | Healing the Brain-Gut Axis

Guided Vagal Healing Meditation for Gut Health | Healing the Brain-Gut Axis

Our Digestive system and our brain are connected. This connection is known as the brain-gut axis. Your gut contains both the large and small intestines which are connected to the brain by the vagus nerve. This is the largest nerve in the body and therefore it is often known as the wandering nerve because it travels from the brain to many other organs throughout the body. This connection works by allowing your brain to receive and deliver important information.

When you eat and begin to digest your food, the vagus nerve notices changes in the microbiota in your intestines and sends this information to your brain. When this nerve is working to its full capacity, the brain sends the response immediately. If your vagus nerve is weak, or there is nerve damage, the flow of information between your gut and brain is slowed. Some of the information it sends may be processed, but some may be lost. This is when inflammation can begin, and the possibility of a chronic condition can emerge.

The best way to strengthen your vagus nerve is through breath work. This meditation will focus on vagal breathing and offer you a guided meditation focusing on strong digestion and a healthy brain-gut connection. Best done daily, but offering this healing to your body at any time is also a helpful gift to your body.

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