Guided Energetic Cord Removal Meditation with the Element Fire

Guided Energetic Cord Removal Meditation with the Element Fire

When people think of removing cords, they often have a view of cutting them, severing them, or pulling them out. Although this technique works for some, this meditations uses a more gentle approach with a strong element. It helps to gently remove energetic cords you may be carrying with you, without even knowing. It uses a steady single flame instead of a roaring fire, then soothes the areas where the cords may have been with an energetic salve. Great to do any time, as often as needed. Honoring the energetic body with a subtle approach. The music used as you relax into this meditation is based around substantia physical modeling within a fire setting.
The element of fire. Fire is strength, our blood flow, and our life force. It’s associated with the direction south, the color red, the planet mars, the season summer, and the time of the day is noon. We can use this elements purifying and protective energy through meditation to gently remove cords that no longer serve us. These cords can be to people, places, emotions, habits, and many other things. Using the power of the light from the fire, we can draw away any darkness and impurity. Thinking of the element as a gentle way to cleanse, using its properties to heal.

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