Guided Meditation for Calming a Trauma Response

Guided Meditation for Calming a Trauma Response

This meditation is helpful in calming a trauma response. There are many ways our bodies process trauma, and it’s beneficial to know that these ways are the body and mind processing complex information, emotions and experiences the best way it knows how. Although this way of processing is helpful in the short term, it can become complex when left unprocessed.

This meditation will help you to organically, calmly process a trauma response. It can be done in times when you are triggered or in times when you are processing any trauma or any past traumas that have uprooted in your life.

Processing thoughts, emotions, and feelings doesn’t necessarily mean reliving them. We can simply process the energies that come along with them, then maybe in time allow our focus to go more directly towards the thoughts. This is a more gentle approach to trauma. With this guided visualization, you are allowing the energies that come up to flow through you and be processed exactly as they should, in a calm, serene and gentle way.

One thought on “Guided Meditation for Calming a Trauma Response

  1. I really need tools or suggestions for meditation apps to heal ptsd anxiety that causes heart palpitations at night before sleep i dont know why these past 2wks have been filled with such terrifying symptoms i been cleared by several drs & its all anxiety so yes im desperate i pray try breathing exercise yes it has helped alot these past 4days i just began practicing so yes to be completely free of heart palpitations n anxiety symptoms is my goal


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