Guided Meditation to Help Process Anger

Guided Meditation to Help Process Anger

Anger can be one of the most useful emotions we have, but also the most complex for us to process. When the primal rage within us arises, we may have the reaction of avoidance or to keep it all inside or even react in an extreme way. When we hold anger in or react in an extreme way, we are bypassing ourselves processing it energetically. With this fear of how we react and the shame that may come with it, we are shutting down the process and beauty behind the emotion of anger. The interesting this is that the emotion and the actual reaction of anger serves a purpose. It helps us to know what we don’t want which in turn lets us know what we do. By working through anger, and processing it energetically, we allow movement into areas that would otherwise become energetically blocked. We can also help to clear previously blocked areas when we process anger. When we move these blockages we become more in tune with our authentic selves. By processing this anger in a healthier manner, in time we react more organically when the emotion of anger arises.

This meditation will help you to process anger in an organic and healthy way. This process will allow you to move on to higher frequency thoughts and focus on what benefits the anger has served for you. It will help you to release any guilt or shame surrounding anger and it will leave you feeling more relaxed when anger does arise.

*This meditation helps to process the emotion of anger. If anger is an emotion you have a difficult time finding control over, please speak with a trained professional before going further with this practice to make sure it is right for you, or make sure you are in a safe space mentally to practice*

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