Guided Moon Light Bath Meditation

Guided Moon Light Bath Meditation

People have been worshiping the moon for many generations. Many have used it as a portal to call in good fortune and to release their desires out into the universe. During the time of the Full Moon, there is a powerful gravitational pull on our mother earth. We can see this directly affect animal behavior, but for humans, creative and intuitive energies increase. The moon is therefore a great helper in transformation. When we work with the energy of the moon for manifesting, we set our intentions on the new moon and during the full, we help to release those intentions into the universe. We plant the seeds for our desires. This meditation is a great way to work with the Full Moon energy by using its light to help illuminate what it is that you are manifesting. It also helps to cleanse thoughts of negativity and low-frequency energy so we can allow ourselves to receive what we desire for our good and the greatest good of all concerned. The moon’s energy is available to each and energy one of us and it is a simple manifestation tool, therefore this meditation is great for those who practice all levels of meditation.

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