Free Guided Meditation for Resilience When Life Gets Tough | November MTL Collective Meditation

Free Guided Meditation For Resilience When Life Gets Tough

There are times in life where we may want to give up. These times are heightened during and illness, or anything that causes life to be more complex. During moments like this, it is important that we honor the frustration FIRST, before we regain strength and resilience. If we can accept the emotions that arise during these times, we can become resilient within our mind and our body. It can become tricky when we skip this step, and simply push through. Although this is a magnificent way to get through harder times, there are moments when it is also perfectly fine to honor your frustration. This meditation will give you a safe, calm space to do just that. Working with your inner self, allowing you to accept where you currently are and to move on feeling more empowered and more ready to take on whatever life hands you with a relaxed, focused, resilient mindset.


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