Free Guided Meditation for Personal Growth | October MTL Collective Meditation

Free guided meditation to Cultivate Your Energy Body for Growth

Before growth of any kind, we must cultivate. Like cultivating the land in preparation for a new crop, it is important to energetically cultivate ourselves for spiritual growth. By preparing we allowing ourselves the ability for better, for more, and the possibility of living our lives to our ultimate potential.
Growth, although uncomfortable at times, is necessary. This meditation will remind you of your power, your capability and help you prepare yourself for what beautiful things lay ahead. Cultivating your energy body for growth.

I would like to note that there are only two more meditations I will be doing for the MTL Collective. At the end of the year I will be moving on to focus on my practice, but I would love to continue working with More Than Lyme with whatever projects flow from her creative mind.
I was also recently honored to be approved for a mentorship program with the ever so talented Siobhan E. Barrett RMT here in West Seattle. With this program I am also working towards opening my own practice by 2020 and hope to have a place I can settle to do so.
I will also be continuing with the free meditations, but focusing more on the mental health aspect. I have received numerous emails with suggestions and I promise I will get to work on those as I can.
So much up in the air, so much uncertainty, and so ready for all of these changes.
Hope you all are enjoying this Fall weather here in the northern hemisphere and the Spring in the south.


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