Free Guided Meditation to Express Your True (Badass) Self | August MTL Collective Meditation

Free Guided Meditation to Express Your True (Badass) Self 

The month of August More Than Lyme Collective Meditation theme is Express which is a great word for finding your voice.

Life can be turbulent at times. With issues like divorce, chronic illness, job loss, and other major stressors, it can be tricky to be navigate. Throwing us off course. After these situations pass, we may feel displaced. Like our voice has been lost. Like we forgot who are true self is. Going through trauma, abuse, neglect or any strong human experience, it can also feel difficult to allow yourself positive thoughts, but you are allowed. But you are more than deserving of them, and you can dream as big as you want. Let your imagination be the guide to the life you want to live, the life you can live, the life you will live one day. And if youre already living it, being grateful for all you have.

This guided meditation will help reunite you with your true (bad ass) inner self, finding your confidence and remind you of the powerful, strong human you are. Helping you express your true, strong, confident self.

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